The FIA president, Jean Todt, is not fully convinced that the new format developed by Formula 1, the sprint qualifying, is needed.

He admitted that he is not a fan of the idea and Formula 1 already works well as it is now, and a new race weekend format is not needed right now.

“If you ask me if I’m a big fan of that, the answer is no,” said Todt. “I don’t think Formula 1 needs it.”

Despite his idea, he believes that trying it will not damage the sport. The first time fans will be able to see the new format will be at the Silverstone GP next month.

“On the other side, if people want to try something, it’s not going to hurt the race on Sunday,” said Todt. “It will be a different way of having a starting grid on Sunday. So it costs nothing to try.”

Moreover, he added that the sprint qualifying is not a proper race, and he does not want to refer to it as such.

“We don’t call that a race,” Todt emphasized. “I have a part of responsibility not calling that a race,” he added. “For me, the race is on Sunday.”

“I’m curious to see what will come out but I’m sure that it will not damage the race on Sunday,” said Todt. “People may say it was more interesting on Saturday than on Sunday, but that’s not a big risk for the image and the credibility of the championship.”

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