McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo is very happy after finishing sixth in a “fun” French Grand Prix.

Ricciardo has had a difficult start at McLaren, with especially disappointing results in Monaco and Azerbaijan. He started from tenth in France, and made his way up to sixth in the end, with the late-braking and daring Ricciardo of old seemingly back this weekend.

Ricciardo himself said he was happy with how the weekend panned out, describing the race as “fun”.

“It was fun – battled, fought, talked some smack, elbows out and then had to hold off a fast-charging Gasly and Alonso at the end,” he said.

“I’m happy just to have had a fun Sunday with some battles and all of it, so came home with some good points for the team – they’re obviously stoked, fifth and sixth – so good day for us considering where we started, and I guess where some of our rivals ended it was a big one.”

Ricciardo will hope for more points in Austria, where Formula 1 heads next.

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