Carlos Sainz understands the challenges Pirelli is facing as Formula 1’s tire supplier and praises their efforts.

A lot of pressure has been put on Pirelli throughout the past couple of weeks after two tire failures at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and as a result, some criticism has been sent towards the manufacturers. However, Ferrari’s driver Sainz acknowledges Pirelli’s work to deliver the best tires possible.

More than that, the Spaniard has confirmed that the company’s investigation has been quite useful for the teams and drivers.

“It [the investigation] was very productive. Honestly, I feel in a way for Pirelli. You know, we try and keep comparing the product to years and years back. But I guess years and years back other manufacturers didn’t have the limitations with the materials they can use to build the tire,” Sainz said.

“And they were not really producing a tire to sustain the downforce levels that we are having this year, plus 800kgs of a car.”

“So the fact that we are quicker than 10-15 years ago with 150kgs extra on the car, it just shows the amount of stress that is going through the tires and what a challenging Pirelli has on their hands,” he added.

“We’re trying to support them, but we are as drivers asking for being as precautionary, as safe as they can be with everything because we don’t want any accidents.”

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