Jack Doohan managed to win a wet and tricky race at Le Castellet, keeping Dennis Hauger behind him until the last lap. It was Caio Collet in P3, right in front of his teammate, Victor Martins.

It was raining at Paul Ricard, and due to that, the race start was delayed by five minutes. There were all the factors to have an entertaining race on the wet.

Hauger took the lead right after the lights went off, the cars behind did not have great visibility, but it was a clean start for everyone. In second place, there was Frederik Vesti, and Clement Novalak was in P3.

Hauger was already expanding his lead during the second lap of the race. While he was doing so, Olli Caldwell had to retire from the race due to a broken suspension. Thus, the virtual safety car was deployed.

At the back, Arthur Leclerc was recovering many positions and was already in P19. Rafael Villagomez lost control of his car and almost spun in the last sector.

Novalak was pushing hard behind Vesti, but while trying to overtake the latter, Victor Martins and Jack Doohan got past him in the first sector. Doohan also overtook Martins one lap later, getting up in P3.

As the track was drying up, Vesti was closing the gap to Hauger. The drivers started to drive onto the wet line to not damage the tires too much.

On lap ten, Logan Sargeant had to pit because his rear lights were not working correctly, and the team had to fix them. Meanwhile, Vesti was overtaken by Doohan, who was on the chase to get past Hauger.

Vesti made another mistake and lost two positions from Martins and Caio Collet; he was struggling a lot halfway through the race.

Doohan was pushing very hard, he was fighting with oversteer at almost every corner to catch Hauger. Meanwhile, Martins was holding the fastest lap of the race.

However, on lap 14, Collet stole the fastest lap from Martins while Doohan was closer than ever to Hauger. Doohan tried to overtake Hauger on the last lap, but the Norwegian had a better exit. Down to Turn 1, the two went side by side, but there was nothing to do for Hauger, who had to give up the first position.

Meanwhile, Collet overtook Martin for P3. He went for the move in the last corner, and Martins was not happy about it, however, the move was clean.

With three laps to go, Doohan could not extend his lead and Hauger was still very close. However, it was not easy for the Norwegian to get close to the Trident driver. Meanwhile, Leclerc was doing another great race after starting last on the grid. He went from 30th to 13th.

In the end, it was Doohan who won the race at Paul Ricard, with Hauger right behind him. In P3 there was Collet, who managed to keep Martins behind him until the end.

3ColletMP Motorsport+5.051
4MartinsMP Motorsport+7.237
6VestiART Grand Prix+17.942
7IwasaHitech GP+23.074
8SmolyarART Grand Prix+24.883
9CorreaART Grand Prix+25.549
10CrawfordHitech GP+28.620

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