Valtteri Bottas was left disappointed after finishing P4 at the French Grand Prix as Mercedes decided to take a strategy that went against the Finn’s desires.

Bottas pitted earlier than Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in a race where the predicted strategy was a one-stop, but the two-stop strategy was favored instead due to the conditions on the track.

Why the **** does no one listen to me when I say it’s going to be a two-stopper?

Valtteri Bottas’ radio message midway through the race, suggesting an alternative strategy.

“I think the winning strategy today was a two-stop,” Bottas said. “Easy to say afterward but that’s how it is… I had no front tires left for the last 10 to 15 laps, so I was just really trying to get the car home.

“If I did a two-stop, for sure I would have been on the podium and fighting for the win of the race. That’s for ture.

“I think, as a team, we were too focused on completing the one-stop thinking it’s the best, but it wasn’t. Definitely another learning point this weekend. We thought with the cooler temps the tires would hold better, but they didn’t so I don’t know – I think our predictions in terms of tire life didn’t quite match the reality.”

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