Alexander Smolyar won the first race in France ahead of Victor Martins and Calan Williams after many overtake and battles for the lead.

The pole-man kept his position at the start ahead of Sargeant and Iwasa. The first lap was quite calm with no major contacts at the start.

Behind the top three were Juan Manuel Correa and David Schumacher, who did not have a great start. As soon as the second lap started, the virtual safety car was deployed because Hoggard had to stop the car after a contact in the first lap.

After the virtual safety car, Schumacher lost another two positions, it was not a great start for him. The battle for P8 saw Victor Martins overtaking Jack Doohan, while Frederik Vesti was in P10. Martins gained another position just one lap later, putting Schumacher behind him.

At the front, Sargeant was putting Williams under pressure to take the lead of the race, and Iwasa was not too far back. The battle for P4 was on too, with Smolyar trying to get past Correa, but the latter defended well.

Sargeant finally managed to overtake Williams, who was overtaken by Iwasa too. The pole-man was struggling to find the right pace. Some laps later, Smolyar managed to take P4, leaving Correa in fifth.

Iwasa was close to Sargeant, who could not open a good gap to P2. On lap 10, Iwasa took the lead of the French GP. At the back, Dennis Hauger took P10. Williams was fighting to keep P3, with Smolyar very fast behind him.

Even though Iwasa was leading, just like Williams and Sargeant, he could not extend his lead. Williams was defending very hard on Smolyar, who could not pass him, but on lap 14, the latter managed to take P3.

Meanwhile, Iwasa was under investigation because he exceeded the track limits while overtaking Sargeant, but there was not a penalty yet. With three laps to go, Smolyar took the lead of the race overtaking Iwasa. Just some corners later, Martins overtook Iwasa, who also received a 5-second penalty.

With two laps to go, Martins became the leader of the GP, overtaking Smolyar, who was still keeping him behind pressure. There was a train of cars very close to each other at the end of the race, the battle for the win was incredible.

On the last lap, Smolyar re-gained the lead over Martins, who tried to overtake him once again, but he did not manage to do so.

Smolyar won the race ahead of Martins and Iwasa, who, with the penalty, went back to P8, leaving P3 to Williams.

1SmolyarART Grand Prix38:26.581
2MartinsMP Motorsport +0.624
3WilliamsJenzer Motorsport+1.212
4SargeantCharouz Racing System+1.779
6CorreaART Grand Prix+2.666
8IwasaHitech Grand Prix+5.825
9HaugerPREMA Racing+6.237
10CaldwellPREMA Racing+6.443

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