A difficult qualifying session for Charles Leclerc saw him struggling to perfectly control the front end of his Ferrari. He managed to qualify seventh, while his teammate finished the session in fifth position.

At the press conference hosted ahead of the French GP, Leclerc was honest and open about Ferrari’s inability to fight at the front of the grid this weekend in France. He highlighted that their pace would differ on a normal track such as the Paul Ricard circuit, as opposed to a city track like those at Monaco and Baku.

Today, we saw Carlos Sainz qualify ahead of the midfield and crucially, ahead of teammate Charles Leclerc by one tenth.

Leclerc was heard complaining about the front end of his car during the third round of qualifying. When questioned about this aspect after the session was over, Leclerc explained that the struggles were centered around him more than the car. He added that he had been attempting to modify his approach to better cope with the issue the entire weekend.

“I just couldn’t drive around the limitation that we’ve had a little bit all weekend, struggling a little bit with the front,” Leclerc explained.

The Monegasque added that Sainz suffered from the same limitation but was able to drive around it better than he was.

“But to be honest, it’s more coming from me than from the car. It’s a limitation that Carlos and I had, and Carlos just did a better job driving around that issue, and I just struggled in qualifying to drive around it.”

Despite this issue, Leclerc was still happy with his final Q3 lap, admitting that the gap to Sainz before this last attempt was much larger than he would have liked.

“I was actually pretty happy with my last lap in Q3 because before that it was a disaster. I was very, very far off.”

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