Lando Norris was told by McLaren to abandon his final Q2 attempt as he was running low on fuel.

Norris was told to pit as he was making his final flying lap of the session. He now explains that the reason behind it was due to a lack of fuel.

“We had a problem with the fuel going into the car properly, so I didn’t have enough fuel, which is an issue,” he said. “I didn’t get my second run in, but I did a good enough lap one that didn’t cost us anything, but I was a bit lucky.

“The track is obviously improving all the time,” Norris added about the conditions. “And I think actually the wind changed a bit in the end of Q2 so it caught me by surprise a little bit coming into Q3, which wasn’t the perfect scenario.

“It just put us a little bit on the back foot. I’m surprised that, I guess, I wasn’t a little bit further back when it all seemed to improve that much.”

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