Hamilton is happy he was able to prove that his chassis change had no performance impact, thanks to a positive qualifying session after a difficult start to the weekend.

After Bottas encountered a frustrating race in Azerbaijan, he and Hamilton switched chassis ahead of the French Grand Prix. Although Mercedes emphasized that this change had nothing to do with performance, some people still made a rapprochement between the news and Bottas’ good start to the weekend, suggesting that Hamilton’s chassis might have given him an advantage in Azerbaijan.

“The quality of our engineers’ work, all the cars are exactly the same,” Hamilton pointed out.

“I saw you coming up with some myth and I’m happy to be able to prove it wrong.”

“You wouldn’t believe how many changes I’ve made since practice one. Going round and round, chasing my tail, ended up coming back to something similar to where we started. But I’ve been generally unhappy in the car all weekend.”

“It’s been a really, really hard weekend mentally, not physically but trying to get the car into a happy place.”

“But my car’s in a much different place now so I’m just going to stay hopeful, do everything I can. Obviously, we’re in second. you’ve got a fighting chance down to turn one and there’s going to be some interesting strategy tomorrow, and maybe a bit of rain.”

After clinching the second position in qualifying, Hamilton could not hide his satisfaction. The seven-time world champion also praised Red Bull’s work, pointing out the good-looking refreshed version of their power unit.

“They’ve been incredibly quick,” Hamilton admitted. “You see they’ve got a new engine this weekend, not a new spec or anything as far as I’m aware but anyway they’re quick down the straight I think it was a lot of time on the straights today. We’ve got a race on our hands and we’re loving the battle so we’ve just got to keep fighting, keep pushing, and giving it everything.”

“Congratulations to Max, he did a great job today.”

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