Zak Brown stated that Netflix’s series Drive to Survive is creating new “avid” Formula 1 fans and said that the last season had a “huge” impact, which is very positive.

The first season of Drive to Survive was released in 2019, and since then the importance of the sport has grown a lot in the US. Then, the Netflix producers created two other series, and Brown said that the impact of the series was “huge”.

“It’s got to be the single most important impact in North America,” he said. “Almost every comment you get out of someone out of the U.S., they reference Drive to Survive.”

“It’s done such a great job not only just raising awareness, it’s turning people into avid fans,” he said. “You get kind of trend fans and you hope to put them into the ‘avid fan’ category.

“With Drive to Survive people go [from] ‘I’ve never watched a Formula 1 race in my life to ‘I’ll never miss a Formula 1 race again’. That’s been Drive to Survive.”

Brown also praised Liberty Media for doing such a great job in bringing the sport to a wider range of audience.

“And it’s such a fascinating sport, the politics, and the personalities. I think Drive to Survive has nailed that and exposed that to the world, and it seems to have resonated in the US.”

In 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the overall figures grew a lot. Moreover, since the audience in the US grew a lot, Formula 1 is trying to bring more races to America. Zak Brown believes that racing twice at the track in the US would be something positive.

“If it works out to where a second double-header is needed and to where the US could be one of those, I think given the rapid growth of the numbers in America now, for the growth of Formula 1, [it would be] awesome,” he said.

“I think Texas is wide open and my understanding is it’s sold out. So I think you could definitely, probably sell out again.

“I’d be very supportive if we could choose and the stars align to have two races in America, I think will only continue to accelerate the momentum that the US has.”

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