After two road races, where Ferrari took pole position both times, the team seemed only limitedly disappointed with 5th place in practice.

The two Ferrari drivers could not match the performances of the last races but were nevertheless satisfied with the pace of the car. Leclerc finished FP1 in P11 and Sainz in P16. In FP2, the Monegasque ended up in P5 and the Spaniard in P8.

“The feeling with the car has been actually decent. The problem is that we know that coming into this layout, this kind of track, we were not going to be as good as in Baku or Monaco. So we’re a bit back to reality, but at the same time, pleased to see that the car balance is not too far away,” said Sainz.

Leclerc seemed less enthusiastic about the performance of his own car.

“Overall, with the car balance, it’s been a very difficult day for everyone I think. The wind is very, very strong so it makes it quite tricky to drive. But it’s like this for everyone, so we just need to try and find a way around it.”

“I think in FP2 it was a little bit better,” added Leclerc. “But let’s say that it’s just more in line with what we expected here. I think Baku and Monaco were two weekends that were much better than what we expected and now we are a bit more in line with what we expected.”

“There’s still quite a bit of work to do, but we did quite a nice recovery from FP1, the car felt quite a bit better, so I’m happy with this.”

On Friday, Ferrari had concentrated on qualifying and on a mature tire strategy.

“For tomorrow, it will be very important tyre-wise to try and put them in the right window,” revealed Leclerc, “because it’s very difficult here and with the wind also, to have the right set-up, a car that is easy to drive for the quali lap when we have to put everything together, will be very important too.”

“So, once we have put these three things together, I’m pretty sure that we can have a good weekend.”

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