Valtteri Bottas is going to race with a different chassis in France. The change was already planned by the team, and it is not a consequence of his poor performance in Baku.

After a difficult weekend in Azerbaijan, Bottas admitted that he did not understand his lack of pace, saying that there must have been a problem with the W12.

Bottas himself explained he will use a different chassis: “It’s not a new chassis,” Bottas explained. “It’s different, and it was always planned for me to change to a different chassis at this point.”

The Finnish driver had already changed his chassis due to the heavy crash at the Emilia Romagna GP. Plus, he hopes the car will behave better this weekend compared to the performance in Baku.

“We saw that in Monaco, for me, I managed to find the set-up and the confidence and get the tires to work and Lewis didn’t,” Bottas explained. “It almost felt like vice-versa in Baku. There was quite a big difference towards the end of the weekend with the set-up. And now I can say that probably the direction I took, we took as a team, wasn’t ideal. Some other small things combined.

“I think our car is quite on a knife-edge on those kinds of tracks. But I think at least the next few tracks it’s a bit more normal and hopefully, we can get a reasonable set-up and that it’s not that easy to go into the wrong direction.”

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