Ex-Alfa Romeo chief designer Luca Furbatto has joined Aston Martin as their engineering director, as part of a reshuffle that sees Andrew Green promoted to chief technical officer.

Recently, Aston Martin announced they were to hire up to 200 more employees as part of an expansion of the team, which now has stable funding thanks to Lawrence Stroll and his consortium of buyers from 2018. The team has undergone a reshuffle in the engineering department now too.

Furbatto has no lack of experience. He spent a decade with McLaren, before moving to Toro Rosso in 2011, then moving to Manor in 2015 to design the 2016 car. The MRT05 was the most competitive car the small team had in their lifetime, scoring a point on pace in Austria and being regular Q2 contenders. He then joined Sauber in 2017, where he remained as chief designer until now.

Andrew Green, who was the engineering director at Aston since it was Force India in 2010, will now be promoted to a role as chief technical officer.

In the announcement, team principal Otmar Szafnauer said he was excited of the recruitments as part of Aston Martin’s long-term strategy to win championships.

“As we continue to add weight to our technical team, we are hugely excited that Luca Furbatto has chosen to join Aston Martin,” Szafnauer said.

“Working with our existing engineering group, he will bring a valuable perspective and knowledge to help shape our approach in the short and medium-term. This appointment coincides with Andrew Green stepping up to a new role where he will take a global perspective on the company’s mid to long-term technical strategy.”

Aston Martin currently sit sixth in the world championship, and will hope to score more points in France, where Formula 1 heads next, this weekend.

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