After Pirelli released their conclusions concerning the tire failures encountered by Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Hamilton gave a new impetus to the debates, saying he does not think Pirelli was at fault in the accidents.

Following Pirelli’s statements concerning the double tire failures Stroll and Verstappen encountered during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the FIA has announced the implementation of new safety checks with immediate effect to monitor the tire’s pressures more closely, implying that some teams were playing with the minimum pressures recommended by the Italian manufacturer.

Speaking his mind about the matter, Hamilton took the defense of Pirelli, praising their job and pointing out that the coincidence seems too great to rule out the possibility of teams playing with the minimal recommended pressures and with drivers’ safety at the same time.

“I think they’ve done a great job with the tires this year, they’re more robust than before, and I think in this particular instance, I don’t think Pirelli are at fault.”

“As you know every weekend, whenever there is a failure, they always put the pressures up so that tells you something,” Hamilton said.

“More often than not, [it’s] that the tires are not being run at the pressures that are being asked. We didn’t have a problem with our tires.”

“At the end of the day, safety is always the priority. And for me and for my team, there have been clear rules and guidelines as to where we have to operate.”

“So I was very surprised naturally to see that they had to clarify those, which obviously, you can take what you want from that.”

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