Valtteri Bottas has turned down recent rumors suggesting that his departure and the arrival of George Russell at Mercedes for the 2022 season had already been internally decided and notified to both drivers.

As usual in Formula One, the approach of the Summer break rhymes with Silly Season and speculations about the situation of the drivers’ market. One of the most regarded aspects of this year’s trade season concerns Mercedes’ current delicate situation as they could see both their drivers leave them at the end of the year.

If one of their two official drivers had to leave them, Mercedes’ main option is of course to hire one of their two academy drivers that already proved to be tremendously talented behind the wheel of a Formula One car: Esteban Ocon and George Russell. Nonetheless, as Ocon just extended his contract with Alpine, the only evident option remaining for Mercedes is Russell.

The most recent rumor about Mercedes’ driver situation suggested that decisions had already been taken internally and that Russell’s managing team had already been notified that he was chosen for driving duties as a silver arrow in 2022. Bottas calmed the rumors down, pointing out his talkative relationship with Toto Wolff and that nothing was announced to him concerning a possible departure.

“I’m sure there’s all kinds of speculation that is not based on any facts. People are trying to make up stories, just for the clicks. That’s how it goes,” Bottas said.

“But I can confirm that at least nobody told me about that [being dropped by Mercedes], so yeah that’s not true, that’s speculation.”

“With Toto, we speak often, that’s normal for us. And we’ve also spoken lately, that’s normal.”

“But all I can say is that we just want to focus on the next three races. It’s going to require a lot from us as a team before we make any decisions together.”

“And my gut feeling at the moment, I haven’t really allowed myself to think about that too much, because that can become a distraction, I’ve learned that.”

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