Berger believes Hamilton will make more mistakes this season

2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Saturday – LAT Images

Gerhard Berger, former Formula 1 driver, thinks that Lewis Hamilton is going to make more mistakes in 2021, and believes that Max Verstappen has a great chance of becoming world champion. 

So far, the battle for the lead of the drivers’ standings has been tight. It will probably be like this until the end of the championship, and every point counts. 

Berger believes that Max will put a lot of pressure on Hamilton’s shoulders. Plus, he thinks that due to the high pressure the British driver will make more mistakes later this season. 

In the last few years, the seven-time world champion has been unbeatable. Lewis managed to be perfect at every race weekend, and he could extract everything from the car. However, in the first races of 2021, he made some mistakes that no one would expect from him. The first one was in Imola, where he risked remaining stuck in the gravel, and the second one was in Baku, where he lost the chance of winning the Grand Prix.

“Red Bull has been looking for more power for a long time. Honda did a great job this winter and did their homework well. This is a great opportunity to be world champion again,” said Berger. 

Max Verstappen can give it his all now and, under that pressure, Hamilton will make more mistakes than in the past. Red Bull works perfectly. If you look at his pit stops, it is one record after another,” he added.

Berger is sure that Red Bull has finally given Max the car to compete for the championship, and now it is up to him to prove what he is capable of doing. 

“Max and Lewis are exceptional talents, and now they have a package they can fight with. Max no longer has a blunt knife. He has a super-fast car and an engine that is not far from that of Mercedes,” continued Berger. 

“You can see that they are very close to each other. Max is even a little better now, but a lot can still happen this season. It’s a long season.”

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