Prost “not surprised” Alonso is not 100% yet

Fernando Alonso. Credit: Alpine (Twitter).

Alain Prost is unsurprised that Fernando Alonso is not in his 100% form as he was ‘completely lost’ in 1993 return and believes this season’s circumstances have not helped.

Prost has said that he is not surprised to see that Alonso is not 100% back yet and describes his struggle to adjust when he came back in 1993.

The 4-time world champion took a sabbatical in 1992 after being fired by Ferrari in 1991. Upon his return in 1993 he says that he has struggled to adjust.

“When I came back in Portugal, I asked myself why I came back!” Prost said on F1 Nation podcast. “That was a shock physically, mentally.”

“I was really, really fit… unbelievably fit – But when I came in September, I felt completely lost.”

Speaking about Alonso, he supposes that the Spaniard’s bike crash in February could have attributed to him not being 100% as quick: “The physical condition – don’t forget he had also the bike accident so you don’t know the effect that could have, so I was a little bit worried.”

“Fernando is very demanding and a perfectionist. He asks a lot. It’s up to us to assume it,” he commented. “He will fight body and soul to bring it [Alpine] back.”

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