After the British government announced delaying the complete lift of COVID-19 restrictions for 4 weeks, doubts started rising around fan attendance at the British Grand Prix. It seems like a solid amount of spectators will still be allowed to attend the event.

Yesterday, the British government announced a delay of complete Covid-restrictions lift for 4 weeks, promising the British people to get back to a normal life on July 19th. Nonetheless, the annual British GP will be held on July 16th-18th, making the race 24 hours short to organize an event with maximal capacity.

So far, the rules in force only allow open-air meetings to welcome a maximum of 10 000 people, except for the few events being a part of the national event research program. The purpose of this research plan is to demonstrate at large scales if open-air events are as dangerous for the attending crowd as they were considered so far.

To conduct this research, some specific gatherings like the UEFA EURO 2020, Wimbledon, or the British GP are therefore allowed to welcome higher audience amounts than recommended by the government.

This is why it is still strongly believed that this year’s British GP will welcome a decent amount of fans and that this number should even exceed the 10 000 spectators barrier. The ticketholders have received an e-mail advising them that fan attendance of the event is still a realistic matter and should not be something to worry about.

“We remain confident that fans will be back at Silverstone for the 2021 Formula 1 British Grand Prix,” the e-mail said.

“Our ongoing discussions with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, as well as Public Health England, are positive.”

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