Jacques Villeneuve thinks that the Pirelli tires cannot fail like they have done at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Tire failures on Lance Stroll’s and Max Verstappen’s cars were the biggest debate topic after the Azerbaijan GP. Both cases were similar to each other, which raised a lot of questions to F1’s tire supplier Pirelli. The 1997 world champion Villeneuve thinks that Pirelli should not have let this happen.

“Tyres should not explode like that. They did not even have that many laps. It’s embarrassing,” he said. “And too bad – Stroll was having a good race and Max had it under control.”

Pirelli head of motorsport Mario Isola still insists on the fact that debris have caused tire failures.

“I don’t want to point the finger at Baku and the circuit. I saw that they were cleaning the circuit many times during the weekend. Debris and carbon parts are always very sharp,” he commented.

“The point is that on a street circuit you have much less run [off] and so the debris stays on track. But this is quite normal in any street circuit, it’s not just Baku. I believe it’s the same in Singapore, it’s the same in Monte Carlo, because the debris is there.”

“If you have a crash, any damage part of a car because maybe a driver is jumping on a kerb and breaking a part of the wing or whatever, it stays on track so it’s much easier to pick it up.”

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