Dave Robson admitted that if George Russell will leave Williams it would be a “massive loss” for the whole team given how talented the Briton is.

Russell debuted in Formula 1 with Williams in 2019. Even though he did not score a single point for the team, his performance, especially in qualifying, has been incredible.

Many people think that George can become a future Formula 1 world champion, for example, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. The two Formula 1 drivers admitted that with a competitive car the Briton could win races and championships.

Russell’s deal with Williams expires at the end of the year, and some speculations say the Briton could join Mercedes in 2022 replacing Valtteri Bottas.

If Russell is going to leave the team, it would be a “huge loss” as Robson said.

“It’s been fantastic working with him right from when we first put him through the evaluation,” Robson said.
“It was obvious he had something about him, some genuinely outstanding talent to drive the car.

“It’s been great. Probably frustrating at times, but a great journey to be on with him. Of course, he’d be a massive loss – he’s genuinely very quick.

“I think we’ve all put in a lot of time and effort to help him where he needed a bit of help, to guide him, and it would be a real shame to lose that without really seeing the benefits of it in our car.

“It would be a massive loss, but I’m not sure it’s something certainly that I’ve got great control over. If we could keep him, it would be fantastic, but we have to see how that pans out.”

Russell admitted that he would like to sign a multi-year contract to stay in Formula 1, and does not care about the team he signs for. Jost Capito, Williams CEO, said that he would be more than happy to offer a new deal to Russell if he does not decide to change the team.

In the last few seasons, Williams went through one of its toughest moments in Formula 1. It did not have a competitive car anymore and it had to sell the team last summer. However, Russell helped the team a lot thanks to his skills and talent.

“He can take a good amount of credit, to be honest,” Robson said.

“2019 was an incredibly difficult baptism of fire, and once he’d got his head around the situation we were in, he was extremely good at being clear about the order of the problems that needed tackling, and his understanding of the compromises you need to make was very good.

“It’s not just his technical input to all of that, all the work he does in the simulator and guiding those designs, but also the way he interacts with everyone and his positivity.

“There’s something about him. When he talks, people listen, which is important – provided he’s talking about the right thing. Perhaps right at the beginning, he didn’t always get [that] right, but it didn’t take him long to suss that out and understand.

“He’s been a big part of it.”

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