Although Red Bull just scored their best start to a season in the V6 hybrid era, the whole team knows Mercedes will not let their winning streak slip away from them so easily and are already prepared for being violently brought back to reality on more ‘normal circuits’.

After 6 races in 2021, one conclusion was generally agreed – Mercedes is in big trouble on street circuits, as they have shown in Monaco and Baku. However, after one-third of the season was played on difficult circuits for Mercedes, Red Bull is just displaying an advantage of 26 points over their German opponent in the constructors’ championship, and just 4 units in the drivers’ championship.

Talking about the upcoming three-race stretch and more generally about the rest of the season, Honda F1 technical director, Toyoharu Tanabe, and Red Bull team principal Christian Horner both have an interesting and difficult period insight.

“Now we start going back to more classic circuits, that’s going to be interesting to see,” Horner said. “But it’s very much game on.”

“I think Mercedes is stronger at normal circuits, that’s why I would have liked to get a bit more margin [in Azerbaijan],” Tanabe told Ziggo Sport. “We’ve had to positive weekends because the car was really strong in the race.”

“I don’t think anyone had a chance to threaten us during the race, so that’s a positive sign. We know they’ll be strong at the normal circuits. But we’ll see.”

The French Grand Prix is up next and is already mostly considered as a rather easy track for Mercedes considering its long straights and multiple high or medium speed corners. Nonetheless, the performance should not be as polarized as they were in Azerbaijan and a good battle could be fought between Mercedes and Red Bull, especially if Bottas can bounce back from his frustrating stretch and if Perez can keep up with his recent positive form.

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