Puebla E-Prix track layout revealed

Formula E has revealed the layout for the upcoming Puebla E-Prix double-header, which will allow the attendance of 10 thousand fans.

The 2.98 kilometers-long anti-clockwise circuit features 15 turns and a custom-made attack activation mode in which the cars will have to use a ‘joker-style’ Rallycross run in order to trigger the 35kW boost.

“The altitude is very high,” Antonio Felix da Costa said.

“Mexico City is already quite high, but we’re going even higher, on a very, very big volcanic plateau and you can feel it.

“So, every day you can feel that kind of a little bit of lack of air and the tiredness.

“The track is interesting, and has a low-grip Tarmac surface.

“Back when I drove it, it felt almost like ice – it was really challenging.

“I think the biggest challenge will be for the driver, breathing wise and maybe tiredness – and keeping your head cool.

“I remember we could feel it.”

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