Kyle Larson has won the NASCAR Cup Sries All-Star Race at the Texas Motor Speedway, taking the one million dollars with him.

Added to the official grid announced a few days ago were Chastain, Reddick, and Almirola from the NASCAR All-Star Open, and DiBenedetto as the fan vote winner. If you’re not familiar with how the All-Star Race works, find below an explanation from NASCAR.

Kyle Busch led off the start on lap 1 ahead of Kyle Larson. Green flag action did not last long as Christopher Bell got loose and sideways in the corner, but saved it without major issues.

As caution laps don’t count, the race restarted on lap 2. Larson led Busch into turn 1 but was quickly overtaken by the M&M’s car for the top spot. The two drivers continued to exchange positions until the number 24 of William Byron got involved in the battle, overtaking Busch for second, but the latter did not make it easy and the battle endured for several laps more.

Chase Elliott gave battle to Busch in an attempt to achieve third place but failed to do so, and Stage 1 finished with Kyle Larson in the lead, with Byron, Busch, Elliott, and Custer completing the top 5.

For stage 2, the top 12 cars were inverted from their stage 1 positions, meaning Ryan Blaney, who finished the first stage in the 12th position, would now start stage 2 from the top spot.

The green flag was dropped for stage 2 and it was Ryan Blaney leading through turn 1. Ross Chastain made contact with the rear of Blaney, but he was able to save it and continued in the lead, now battling the spot with Brad Keselowski.

Chastain, who was running third, got involved in the battle and took P2 from Keselowski on lap 23. The latter, however, gave fight and managed to recover his lost spot three laps later.

In the end, it was Ryan Blaney taking the victory of Stage 2, with Brad Keselowski behind. Several drivers were heard over the radio complaining about the handling of the cars.

“You have no chance on the restart because the front tires don’t do anything (…) you couldn’t pass anybody if you tried,” Kevin Harvick said. Kyle Busch also complained, screaming that “the f***ing front end of our cars suck a**!”

The entire field would be inverted for stage 3, meaning Aric Almirola, who had finished stage 2 in the last spot, would start first.

Stage 3 went green with Almirola in the lead with Matt DiBenedetto alongside him, who was quick to overtake for the top spot. Almirola then dropped back to third as McDowell overtook him for second, and then got involved in a fight with DiBenedetto for the lead.

However, McDowell did not succeed as Alex Bowman got momentum from his fight with DiBenedetto and managed to overtake both of them for the top spot, then winning the stage. DiBenedetto finished second and Alrimola third.

The top 9 cars from stage 3 would be inverted for stage 4, meaning William Byron would start it from the top spot.

The green flag for stage 4 dropped with William Byron in the lead with Christopher Bell alongside him, fighting for the lead. However, the number 5 of Kyle Larson got in the mix and overtook the number 28 for the second place.

Larson started to close in on Byron as the end of the stage approached but failed to overtake him. Byron took the win of stage 4, with Larson finishing second and Denny Hamlin third.

The top three starting positions for stage 5 were taken by Byron, Larson and Elliott.

Stage 5 would be the longest of the race with a total of 30 laps, with a mandatory four-tire pit stop. The fastest pit crew will be awarded US$100 thousand.

The green flag went off with Byron in the lead. Some drivers cam down pit road right after lap 1 in order to maximize their chances of winning the 100 thousand dollars. Kyle Busch and Austin Dillon were both awarded penalties for being too fast on the pit road.

“I don’t understand how that’s possible… Bullsh*t. This whole thing is f***ing bullsh*t.”

Kyle Busch after being awarded a penalty for speeding on pit lane.

By the end of lap 76 it was the Hendrick trio of Larson, Byron and Elliott going down the pit road for the mandatory stop, and the number 9 driver was the fastest off it.

Caution was out on lap 80 as Ross Chastain as he had a half spin in turn 2, but avoided the wall. His spotter later told him that the number 6 of Brandon McReynolds made contact with his rear. Kyle Busch got the free pass from this incident.

Green flag conditions resumed with 11 laps to go and Brad Keselowski was at the lead, with Chase Elliott alongside him on the outside, later taking the lead of the pack. The number 2 then got overtaken by Byron for the second place, and later by Larson for third. Kyle Busch, who was running 20th, now placed 10th by final laps of the stage.

In the end, it was Chase Elliott taking the victory of the penultimate stage, with Byron and Larson closing the top 3. The 100 thousand dollars for the fastest pit stop went to Elliott.

No changes were made to the order for the final 10-lap shootout.

The final stage of the race started with Elliott in the lead. The top drivers were quick to engage in a battle and Larson overtook Elliott. However, as these two were fighting it out, Brad Keselowski benefitted from his momentum and briefly took the lead of the race, but was then overtaken by the number 5.

Kyle Larson managed to keep it and took the victory of the NASCAR All-Star Race at Texas. Brad Keselowski finished second and Chase Elliott third.

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