Andreas Seidl thinks that McLaren has managed to minimize the losses in the Azerbaijan GP in the battle against Ferrari.

After last weekend’s Azerbaijan GP, McLaren lost the third place in the Constructors’ Championship to Ferrari. However, the deficit was only 2 points, so the team principal Seidl was delighted with the fact that they had not lost much.

“If you start P9 and P13 and are after the first corners P12 and P13, then finishing P5 and P9 – just one position behind each [of] the Ferraris – it is clearly damage limitation. In the end, we need to finish higher up on Saturday, then our Sundays are a lot easier because I think we had the pace today [to run] further up the front,” he said.

“But as soon as you were in the train today, there’s not a lot you can do,” Seidl added. “Again, a good job from both drivers and the team to keep their head calm in a tricky race. So, we’re pretty happy that we only lost four points to Ferrari today, which was a good outcome after a disappointing Saturday.”

The pace of Sunday’s race was quite abrupt at some moments, so Seidl supposed that McLaren could have been able to score more points under normal circumstances.

“I think if it would have been a normal race, it’s clear that Mercedes and Red Bull were gone. But I think if it would have been a flat-out race, it could have been very interesting with the tire degradation of the Ferraris,” he added.

“So difficult to say what would have been possible in a normal race and also difficult to say what would have happened if we would have finished yesterday in quali where we should have been, in terms of car performance. But in the end, it doesn’t count; we need to get it together on Saturday and on Sunday and that’s what you have to work for. Then you get the results you deserve as a team and that’s our focus.”

Though McLaren had great performance in the opening stage of the season, the German would not call their true position on the grid.

“It’s difficult to draw any conclusions from earlier races of the season in terms of the pecking order on specific tracks.”

“So I simply think it’s difficult to say. In general, what was positive again, ignoring our final positions in qualifying yesterday, is that we definitely got a lot closer to the Mercedes and Red Bulls in front of us in terms of pace, which is encouraging.”

“These are the steps we have to make as a team. We have to make these steps to fight these teams again in the future.”

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