After Lewis Hamilton lost an exceptional opportunity of claiming back the championship lead in Azerbaijan, Jacques Villeneuve admitted thinking that Max Verstappen deserved to be on top of the rankings more than the world champion.

After Verstappen retired due to a scary tire failure in the middle of Baku’s main straight during the Azerbaijan GP, Hamilton was given an unparalleled opportunity of scoring important championship points that would have allowed him to regain the lead of the championship after a terrible performance in Monaco.

Nonetheless, nothing went as planned as the Brit completely failed to negotiate the first turn even after taking a very good impulsion at the race restart. 

Taking a retrospective look at the performance of the two championship contenders, Villeneuve thinks that Verstappen deserves to be on top of the championship thanks to an exceptional consistency and an almost perfect season so far, as opposed to Hamilton that has done too many mistakes, according to the 1997 world champion.

“They deserve it because if you look at it, the only mistakes Max has made this year is running wide in Bahrain, finishing second instead of first, and running wide in Portugal and losing one point for not getting [the fastest lap]. That’s it,” Villeneuve told RaceFans.

“If you look at Lewis: Imola, [he was] lucky, he should not have been in the points, he should have been in the back. But he recovers, finishes second because there’s a red flag at the right time. But he did make a huge mistake.”

“Then last weekend, that was a big mistake. Even though which and whatever, it’s a huge mistake. And in Monaco, he was not on it, he was way behind his teammate as well.”

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