Amiel Lindesay thinks that Andre Lotterer’s recent incidents are driven by his determination to get the maiden Formula E win.

The current Formula E campaign does not go like Porsche’s driver Lotterer wants – he now sits 18th in the standings with only 18 points scored after his second-place finish in Valencia. More than that, he has been involved in numerous incidents throughout the season. However, Porsche’s head of Formula E Operations Lindesay supposes that it is caused by his motivation to win his and the team’s first win in the series.

“As a team, we’re constantly working with the drivers to give them a perfect car,” he commented. “In the race, however, they make their own decisions, for example, how to make optimal use of the available energy. We can’t simulate things like that, so we rely on the experience and skills of our drivers.”

“Andre is very quick and has a wealth of experience, however, I have the feeling he’s sometimes a little too hungry to get that first win.”

Furthermore, Lindesay admits that Porsche is not satisfied with the results despite showing good form.

“We’ve shown that we can drive at the front,” he said. “There are a few things that we need to do better in the second half of the season and we’re working hard to make that happen. We started the season well-prepared and very confident. Our expectations have not yet been fully met.”

“The two [cars] are fast, the processes within the team are good, and yet, due to a few unfortunate incidents on the track, we didn’t get the results we’d hoped for. Basically, everything is there to be successful, but we haven’t been able to put it all together for the first seven races.”

At the same time, Lindesay thinks that they can get that victory after having a faultless race weekend.

“We’ve started from the front row; we’ve shown strong qualifying performances and we’ve also underlined that we can be at the front in the race,” he added.

“What we need is a clean weekend where everything comes together perfectly, from the shakedown to the race. Then the anticipated top results will come, I’m not worried about that.”

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