The rivalry for both championships is heating up as Red Bull demonstrated being a strong opponent to the reigning champions, Mercedes. And as it heats up, so does the relationship between their drivers.

Lewis Hamilton consistently admits that the Red Bull car is better than the Mercedes, but Max Verstappen thinks otherwise, hinting that it’s only a strategy from the British driver to play the victim, and he believes he would be faster than him if he was in Mercedes.

“That’s what I would say if I was him. If I had his car, I would drive two tenths more faster than him. I don’t care for what he says,” Verstappen told the Dutch edition of

Verstappen also talked about Hamilton’s mistake at the restart of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, saying it’s a human error rather than from the pressure implied by Red Bull against him.

“Everyone is trying to perform at their best, isn’t it? I won’t say he makes mistakes because he’s under pressure. Everyone is trying to get the maximum out of everything, so do I,” he said.

“Lewis needs to fight not only with his teammate, but also with another team. That’s an extra dimension and I think it can only be positive for the sport,” he concluded.

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