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“Destroyed” Wolff believes Mercedes form “unacceptable” for title battle

Toto Wolff. Credits: Daimler.

Toto Wolff thinks that Mercedes’ current form is “unacceptable” and will not allow them to fight for the championship realistically as he admits being ready to make all the calls and do everything possible to bring back their “A-game”. 

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend will remain one of the hardest to swallow for Mercedes. After losing very precious championship points in Monaco already, things went from bad to worse when Hamilton lost a tremendous opportunity of reclaiming the championship lead following Verstappen’s DNF.

Wolff admitted being “destroyed” by the lost opportunity, as Perez’s victory allowed their championship opponent to take a comfortable 26 points lead ahead of the French GP.

“Both of us are destroyed, to be honest,” Wolff told, talking about Hamilton’s mistake at the restart of the Azerbaijan GP.

“For him obviously, as a driver, you have it, it’s so close, and then it’s all gone.”

“We just need to be the best, the best of us, and the best that we have. And we haven’t given the drivers a competitive package this weekend. It’s been far from a competitive package.”

“That is the frustration. It is not only the incident at the end, that frustrates. It’s overall not meeting our own expectations. All of us together: Lewis, the engineers, myself, everybody in the team.”

Two weeks is an extremely short time period for things to be greatly improved and to chase down all the weak points, especially in such a complex sport like Formula 1. 

Nonetheless, Wolff is convinced there are “just so much” things Mercedes needs to improve and wants to start working hard on every weak aspect of their game as soon as possible, pointing out the fact that not coming back and starting to perform again really quickly would probably seal their future and give an end to Mercedes’ magnificent championship streak.

“You can’t continue losing points like we’ve done in Monaco and here. It is just not acceptable for all of us.”

“I think there’s lots of things that are not running smoothly as they have in the past few years.”

“Operationally we are not at our A-game. We haven’t found really the sweet spot of the car through qualifying and race, of having a quick qualifying car and a quick race car.”

“There’s just so much that we need to improve, that I just want to get on it right now, after this call, in order to make sure that we are actually able to compete for this championship.”

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