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Wolff yet to make decision on flexi-wing protest

Toto Wolff. Credits: Daimler.

Mercedes’ team principal Toto Wolff admitted not having taken a decision yet concerning a possible protest towards Red Bull’s flexy wing but might issue one at the term of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

After the Spanish Grand Prix, Mercedes pointed out the possible illegality of Red Bull’s flexy rear wing, which was helping the Austrian team acquire a few additional kph to the counter on straight lines.

After a review, the FIA asked Red Bull to modify the incriminated part by the French GP, one week after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix which is well known for its gigantic straight line.

It was predictable that Mercedes would consider issuing a protest if Red Bull won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix using their famous ‘flexy-rear wing.’ Nonetheless, when the Milton Keynes-based team unpacked its components and started to install themselves in Baku’s paddock, new rear wings were discovered, suggesting that modifications were brought to the bendy aspect of the component.

After four sessions in the weekend, some people strongly believe that Red Bull’s rear wing is indeed less flexible than it was in the previous events. Toto Wolff spoke his mind about the current situation and will wait until the end of the Grand Prix to consider issuing a protest.

“Well, I think the flexi-wing saga starts to bore everybody, including myself,” Wolff said.

“I guess we will see. I don’t know what was on their car, and what they are going to have [during the race]. I think it’s then to decide.”

After a tumultuous qualifying session and an apparent lack of performance throughout the weekend, Lewis Hamilton still managed to put his single-seater in the first row, qualifying in front of both Red Bull drivers. The seven-time world champion will probably have a hard time resisting the seemingly unstoppable RB16B but as it was shown during the qualifying session, everything is possible in Baku, especially with a ‘last-chance card’ in your pocket.

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