Yamaha’s Fabio Quartararo has been handed a second time penalty, this time for riding with his suit unzipped, demoting him to sixth.

Quartararo was the hot favorite to win the Catalan Grand Prix on Sunday morning, but the race was tough for the Frenchman. Then, for some inexplicable reason, he unzipped his leathers and took his chest protector off. It was judged by riders, fans and media alike as a dangerous move, especially if he crashed with his leathers unzipped, it could have been nasty.

The stewards have taken the side of everyone else in deeming it dangerous, giving Quartararo a 3-second penalty for his actions.

This demotes Quartararo from fourth to sixth, after previously being demoted from third due to missing the turns 1-2 chicane. His title lead has been slashed from 24 to 14 points to Johann Zarco in second.

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