Antonio Giovinazzi has said he battled more than one issue during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as Alfa Romeo teammate Kimi Raikkonen was surprised at how difficult overtaking was today.

Alfa Romeo took home their second point in as many races, a good motivation boost for the team, edging them further away from the bottom two in the title. After the race, both drivers voiced their difficulties during the race, which was one of attrition.

“Not a lot happened in my race until the last two laps, so it’s good to bring home a point,” Raikkonen said. “Overtaking proved surprisingly difficult, we were able to catch up with the cars ahead of us relatively easily but we couldn’t make the move”

“The restart after the red flag was quite hectic, we could have been better but it could have also gone badly wrong so we’ll take the point. I don’t think we could have done more, in the end.”

Giovinazzi finished just behind Raikkonen in 11th, but said he was nursing the car for a lot of the race.

“I had a great start and this allowed me to be back in the battle for the points from the start,” He said. “It wasn’t an easy race as I had a small issue with the brakes, which is not ideal on a track like this, but my pace was quite good anyway.”

“We made an early stop to undercut some of our rivals and after that, it was a bit quiet until the red flag. At the restart, I gained some positions on turn one but I made contact with Ricciardo at the second corner and my car went into anti-stall.”

“I think we got all we could out of this race, especially starting from last, and we ended up so close to the points.”

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