Braking gains causing Baku crashes – Ocon

Image Credits: Esteban Ocon via Twitter

After four red flags in qualifying for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Alpine’s Esteban Ocon believes the race to have the best brakes is the culprit.

In a time when Formula 1 cars go from 350km/h to 80km/h in 150m, there are plenty of mishaps under braking as driver try to find every centimeter of ground. Ocon believes this is what caused all the incidents in qualifying at Baku.

“I think the way the cars have evolved, all the time that you can make, it is all in braking,” Ocon said. “I guess everyone was pushing the limits at that time, and there was a bit more wind as well in qualifying.”

“To that extent, there’s been many, many drivers going over that limit, and we haven’t seen that often in qualifying. So it was very surprising that so many things were happening in quali.”

“I didn’t drive in 2019, but I drove in 2018 and my feeling comes from that. Yeah, I mean, looking at it, if you are on the limit of the brakes and just making the corner, that is the fastest way.”

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