Fernando Alonso finished a fine sixth in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, but he said the race could have gone in the other direction.

The sixth-place has elevated the Spaniard to 11th in the world championship, with 13 points. He had a fantastic standing restart after the red flag to gain four spots, almost climbing into the top five, but sixth is a season-best result for the two-time champ.

After the race, Alonso said he was happy with the result, but it could have gone wrong in the blink of an eye.

“The truth is that I’m happy. I talked to the team before the highlight and told them let’s go all out. If we lose a point or break the wing, it doesn’t matter.” He said.

“The car went very well. The team has done a very good job with the starts and it has been noticed in the last three or four Grands Prix. Today it went well, but it could have gone wrong.  We had that bit of luck. Until then we were a bit slow in the race. A small reward makes our afternoon happy.”

“At the stops and the start system, I feel more comfortable. Making tenths was little reward, so now I’m happier.”

Alonso will hope to snag some more points in France, where Formula 1 heads next, in two weeks time.

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