The Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying session was filled with incidents and Daniel Ricciardo caused one of them, as he crashed out during Q2, something he’s understandably not happy about.

“I don’t feel great, but it happens, it’s a street circuit,” he said. “I knew there was some time to find, and just tried to get it in the braking.

“I think in the braking point there was some margin and I tried to take it. But as soon as I turned it started to lock and once you lock here you’ve got no room for escape.

“That was obviously frustrating but still trying to find the limits. Got a bit more work to do tomorrow, but hopefully the car is not in too bad a place and the guys don’t have a crazy late night [fixing the car].”

Ricciardo doubts he would have made it to Q3 anyways, and admits there’s nothing left to do than to look forward to the main event tomorrow.

“It was close,” he said. I struggled a bit more on the first timed lap, getting the lap time out of it. But with the timing and all the yellows and the reds [flags] we were kind of forced to make the first lap work.

“I think it would have been close, but woulda coulda shoulda doesn’t matter here. We’ll just have our eyes forward tomorrow and make a good race of it. If you have a quick race car you can overtake, you can do some things, so ready to put on a fight tomorrow.”

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