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Alonso: Unfair to keep qualifying position if causing red flag

Fernando Alonso. Credits: Alpine.

After a chaotic qualifying session that was interrupted four times, Fernando Alonso felt like he could have done a slightly better job at exploiting his car and thinks it is unfair that drivers are allowed to keep their time after causing a red flag.

The tiniest mistakes are already mostly unforgivable around tight street circuits like in Baku, Singapore, or Monaco. Nonetheless, Alonso thinks it is still unfair that the drivers causing red flags after crashing are still allowed to maintain their fastest time. If Sainz and Tsunoda saw their times get deleted after their late Q3 incidents, Alonso would have gained at least two additional grid positions for tomorrow’s race.

“[It is] unfair probably that the people that crashed, they repair the car and they start in that position tomorrow.”

“I think the people need to calm down a little bit and drive 98% in a street circuit because if you crash and you start last in the race, maybe you don’t drive over your possibilities.”

“And I think today with so many people driving over the possibilities of their car or their abilities.”

“All the other cars, we are in parc ferme until tomorrow, we cannot touch the car, so why they can change all the parts that they caused the red flag?”

“Maybe one day we are in that position and we take advantage of the rule.”

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