McLaren chief Andreas Seidl has said F1 needs to start taking action on the flexi wings at Baku.

The FIA plans to introduce tougher measures on the flexi wings after this round, but Seidl believes it’s not soon enough. He wants F1 and the FIA to take action this weekend to remove the wings.

“From our point of view, if we see deflections again as we have seen in Barcelona, there needs to be action here this weekend. How this action will look like in the paddock, I don’t know yet,” Seidl said.

“We’re happy with all the actions FIA has put in place with the technical directive, even with the update of the technical directive. The only thing we are still not happy with, and that’s the point of the discussion, is why do you let teams that benefited already for several races, with a car that has not been in the regulations, keep using these devices.”

“It is not just the deflection that you see, but in the end what is important is for the FIA to look into how does this deflection gets created. If this deflection gets created by a design that is clearly done for passing the test which is in the regulations, then is creating excessive deflection, on purpose, that’s obviously not within rule 3.8.”

McLaren had a good start to the weekend, looking fast in FP1.

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