Christian Horner said that if he were in Mercedes he would prefer not complaining about flexi-wings, admitting there could be the risk of creating a difficult situation.

Since the Spanish GP, the problem regarding the flexibility of rear wings has been the main talking point in Formula 1. Due to that, from the French GP new, more strict tests will be added.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal, admitted that if the FIA did not clarify the situation as soon as possible, the Silver Arrows could start a protest.

Therefore, the FIA added yellow dots on top of the rear wings to check the flexibility of the rear wings.

After looking at the images of Mercedes’s rear wing, Horner said: “if anything, around here, looks a bit worse than ours”.

He added: “I’d be more interested to see the front of the cars than the rear of the cars.
“So you’re opening a complete can of worms, and that is why there are tests, there are stringent tests in place, that the cars are designed to comply with.”

Moreover, Red Bull said that the flexibility of Mercedes’s front wing is a bit too high, and the Milton Keynes team could think about starting a protest against that.

“A lot of noise has been made about the rear wing, and a lot of revisions have had to be made,” Horner said.

“So if you’re picking on one end of the car, you have to look at the other. You can’t look at one part in isolation and say that set of rules only applies to that element on that car.

“You have to look at all areas. Sometimes, you have to be a little bit careful what you wish for.”

After seeing the footage of the Mercedes going down the main straight, Horner added: “You can see the sponsorship on the front wing, and then it disappears as he comes into a braking area.

“Maybe that’s what it’s for, it’s to expose the new sponsor on the front wing.”

“I think if I was Toto with the front wing he’s got on his car, I’d keep my mouth shut.”

Not only Red Bull or Mercedes are using these loopholes in the regulations to go faster, also other teams like Ferrari and Alfa Romeo are doing so. Horner thinks this is completely fine, and it is normal to try to push to the limits.

“You’ve got some very bright technicians designing components to comply with the rules,” Horner said.

“That’s their job, that’s what we pay them for, that’s what Formula 1 is all about, that engineering ingenuity. If we want standard cars, then we’d be Formula 2.

“I think that’s part of what the competition in this sport is, pushing the boundaries. That’s what Formula 1 is all about.

“You’ve got to be legal, you’ve got to be within the rules, but you’ve got to push those boundaries. That’s what we, like every other team in the pitlane, does.”

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