Lewis Hamilton believes that there has been no room for improvement for him in the opening free practices in Baku.

The Azerbaijan GP did not start in a good way for Mercedes and Hamilton in particular. The reigning champion finished 7th and 11th in FP1 and FP2 respectively. Despite not meeting the expectations, the Briton was satisfied with his performance as he had avoided big errors.

“Honestly I generally had a really good day. It was clean, I got all the laps we needed, there was not really any mistakes – I had a lock-up in [first practice],” he said.

At the same time, Hamilton admitted that the team was slow on Friday.

“We’re just slow. In general I feel like I’m driving well and the car felt better in [first practice]. In this one there was just no more time in it. We’re definitely quite a chunk down and I think everyone will be scratching their heads and looking in the data trying to figure out how we can improve.”

He also confirmed that the team would try to adjust the car to make it better tomorrow.

“It didn’t feel good in this session. In general, I was pushing, I was on the limit, but the car is limited. There’s areas that I should just be quicker but there’s no more grip. But we’ll work at it.”

“Of course it’s definitely not easy to be out of the top 10 when we’ve had pace in other places. I don’t really know where we’re at.”

The no.44 car driver was also not sure about Mercedes’ progress after Monaco.

“It’s impossible to say at the moment. Pace-wise we’ve not gone anywhere forwards. If anything, today it looks like we’ve gone backwards.”

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