Giovinazzi wants to extend Alfa Romeo contract

Antonio Giovinazzi during the Monaco GP. Credits: Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN.

Antonio Giovinazzi is eager to renew his contract with Alfa Romeo after admitting that good work during the winter helped him improve his performance.

Giovinazzi joined Alfa Romeo in 2019 and scored a total of 19 points for the team. After two mediocre seasons, the Italian seems to have found the right confidence with the team and wants to think about his future with it.

“I don’t know, we’ll see what will happen. The only thing I can do now is doing a good job, drive fast, and then we’ll see what will happen next year,” he said.

“I like to stay here also next year, it’s the only team I [have stayed with] for the third season, and I know the people well. I have a good relationship with the people inside, with Fred [Vasseur, Team Principal] as well, so we’ll see what will happen, but for now, I can just focus on myself, and we’ll see what will happen.”

Ahead of the Baku GP, Giovinazzi said that the hard work during the winter is paying off, and he added that the car is very competitive, meaning he can have a lot of fun while driving it.

“It’s my third season in Formula 1, so I have more experience. You know, I think this year we have a faster car, faster power unit so we can have more fun, and when you feel better in the car, you can be on the limit, push more,” he said.

“From my side, my target for this season was to improve myself in the second season, and I’m happy that all this work in the winter is still working, and I need to keep working… to find more on myself. I still can improve a lot.

“Also, to have Kimi alongside me is a help, a big help because he’s an experienced driver, a fast driver. So, it’s good to have him, learn from him, and I’m happy that all this work like I mentioned before, is paying off,” he concluded.

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