Vettel unsure if Monaco was Aston Martins breakthrough weekend

Image Credits: Aston Martin via Twitter

Sebastian Vettel has said it’s too soon to tell whether Monaco was the breakthrough weekend for Aston Martin, with the German preferring to wait a few more rounds to see.

Fifth place was Vettel’s first points for Aston Martin and his first points since his podium in Turkey last year. The result, plus the eighth-place finish for Lance Stroll, has made people wonder if Aston Martin has turned a corner in their 2021 season, after a disappointing first few rounds.

Vettel believes the team must wait a few rounds before truly believing they’re back on the up, as Monaco was such a different track to most others on the calendar.

“We had both cars in the top 10 scoring points on Sunday so certainly a positive weekend for us, but yes, we will see. Obviously, Azerbaijan is a bit similar, it’s a street circuit but it’s a different one,” Vettel said.

“It’s a lot faster, with a lot more straight-line content, so we will see what we can do but I think we are getting to grips as a team more and more with the car that we have. We need to keep pushing and see what we can get in the next races.”

When asked about how to nail a lap around Baku, Vettel said having trust in the car is a key aspect.

“I think ultimately you need to have the trust in the car and the confidence on a track like this to make the difference. You have a section around the old town that is very twisty, where you can make or lose a lot of time. So that I think will ultimately be the decisive factor.”

Aston Martin sit fifth in the championship with 19 points, but over 50 away from Ferrari, who sit fourth.

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