Reutemann in serious condition, back in intensive care

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – JUNE 16: Argentine Senator Carlos Reutemann smiles during a television interview on June 16, 2009, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Reutemann, nicknamed “Lole”, is an Argentine former racing driver who raced in Formula One from 1972 to 1982 and later became a politician in his native province of Santa Fe, for the Justicialist Party, and governor of Santa Fe in Argentina. (Photo by Ricardo Ceppi/Getty Images)

Argentine senator and former Formula 1 driver Carlos Reutemann was referred to intensive care this Tuesday night due to a worsening of his anemia.

On Tuesday afternoon, a medical report was released indicating that Reutemann was “receiving nutritional support treatment, which is added to the treatment of anemia that is not yet resolved, and of his pre-existing pathologies.”

Reutemann was hospitalized on Sunday due to anemia in the Sanatorium of Santa Fé. This was reported by the local press. The former governor had returned to his home after the medical discharge he received from a sanatorium in Rosario on May 21, after spending 16 days in the hospital.

The news of the hospitalization was a surprise because it was believed that Reutemann would continue with her recovery at home: “He’s at home with home care, receiving treatment for her underlying pathology, in order to correct the anemia that is still present,” it was learned last Saturday.

The medical report released on Sunday indicated that the former F1 driver had “dehydration.”

Reutemann had undergone surgery for a digestive hemorrhage last month, a disease for which he was admitted to intensive care.

— AFG Wire.

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