Carlos Sainz shares that he has had to significantly change his driving style to fit his new car.

Scuderia Ferrari’s newest driver Sainz already has five race weekends behind his back with the team. Quite naturally, getting used to the SF21 car has been the biggest concern for the Spaniard. Sainz admits that he has enjoyed the process of adjusting his style to feel comfortable in the car.

“My driving style and the way I turn in, brake, carry speed through the corners in different places and different corner types is very different to last year. I’m having to push myself to open my mind and adapt as a driver. And I actually find it really good fun,” he said.

After two impressive seasons at McLaren, Sainz has started a new chapter in his career with Ferrari. At the same time, the no.55 car driver is not willing to share publically any differences between machinery.

“It’s something that I keep for myself and my team,” he commented.

“Obviously the McLaren might have changed a bit also with the Mercedes power unit. Especially this year, they look particularly good on the straights and they are very, very strong in that area. But driving-wise and balance-wise, doesn’t matter if it’s low-speed, medium-speed, and high-speed, they are completely different cars and I am having to change quite a lot and adapt,” he added.

“I know the difference, but I’m not willing to tell you now.”

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