Binotto believes all power units will be closer in terms of performance in 2022

Carlos Sainz at the Monaco GP. Credits: Reddit.

Mattia Binotto supposes that the difference in performance between all four power units will not be significant thanks to engine freeze.

Formula 1 will head to the engine development freeze era from the 2022 season in order to prepare for the new rules in 2025. One of the teams that will get some sort of advantage from it is Ferrari as they are still behind the opponents after struggles in 2019 and 2020. The team boss Binotto explains why he has supported the concept.

“The reason of the freeze of the 2022 I agreed because I believe that by then, in a year’s time, we may have somehow a good convergence on the performance of the power unit between manufacturers. We can see it’s already happening and I think that in a year’s time we may have a good convergence,” he told RaceFans.

The Italian also thinks that power units will be very close performance-wise, but still on a different level at the start of the next season.

“Convergence means that there will be a delta between power units which is sufficiently negligible to leave then the competition on the chassis.”

In the end, Binotto believes that the sport should now concentrate on the new regulations.

“If we are converging, then I think we should simply make sure that everybody is spending their own money for what will be the 2025 [power unit]. So it’s a matter of avoiding excessive spending in a period where we need really to think on, eventually, a new power unit.”

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