After Alex Rins fell again at the race in Mugello, the fourth time this year, he admitted that all those crashes are “not normal”.

In 2021, many people expected Rins to be one of the possible riders who could fight for the championship. However, he only scored 23 points so far since he crashed while fighting for victory in Portugal, and he did not finish the race in Spain, France, and Italy as well.

At the race in Mugello, he was fighting for a podium finish but crashed out. After the Grand Prix, he admitted that the feeling with the bike was not the best, and he had more confidence during practice.

“Difficult to say,” stated Rins. “I was riding well behind Joan, especially this weekend.

“This race [there] was not enough [of a] good feeling in the front, not the same feeling as the practices.

“But I don’t understand what happened, and we need to do something because it’s not normal to have four zeroes in a row, always losing the front.

“So, let’s analyze well, let’s work. For sure it’s a shame, but [we need to] keep working.

“I don’t know. I think I didn’t do something wrong. But let’s analyze, let’s try to change.”

The qualifying session was not the best for the Suzuki riders, but Rins did not comment too much on whether the team still has problems in qualifying or not since he could not set a time in Q2 due to an issue with his bike.

“I can’t say anything about the qualifying from yesterday because we didn’t complete all the laps in qualifying,” he added.

“We had an electronic issue with the bike, so I couldn’t complete my qualifying.”

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