Ocon leaves contract negotiations with Alpine to his management

Esteban Ocon at the Monaco GP. Credits: Reddit.

Esteban Ocon intends to focus on his performance, so he has transferred all the contract talks to the management team.

The Alpine driver Ocon is doing the best he could in the 2021 Formula 1 season – he has scored 12 points after 5 races to sit 10th in the Drivers’ Championship. His results are quite impressive and they are acknowledged by the CEO Laurent Rossi, who would like to have the Frenchman back in the team in 2022. Ocon himself is glad to hear the praise from Rossi.

“It’s always nice to get good words from your team boss,” he told Motorsport.com.

At the same time, the no.31 car driver prefers to focus on racing rather than the contract, so he has revealed that his management team took over the negotiation process.

“At the moment I’m just focusing on doing the job I have to do on the track, which is to perform in the car, extracting the maximum out of it, thinking what we can do to improve things,” he said.

“As long as I’m doing that well, hopefully things will go well for me. So we will see,” he added.

“For the moment I’m focusing on the track more than anything else. and I let my management side do the job on [the contract].”

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