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Kvyat excludes AlphaTauri comeback, saying “pride might be in the way”

Daniil Kvyat. Credits: Red Bull.

Daniil Kvyat doubts Alpha Tauri would give him another opportunity, pointing out that pride would probably get in the way, as he thinks Helmut Marko will not admit having done a mistake by dropping him.

In 2017, Kvyat was dropped by Toro Rosso in the favor of Brendon Hartley. However, one year later, the Italian team had to come to the conclusion that the New Zealander was unable to perform as well as Kvyat and decided to give the Russian another chance.

In 2020, a similar situation happened, with Kvyat being once again replaced in the favor of a young Red Bull driver academy talent. Nonetheless, as Tsunoda is currently facing a low point in his career, rumors of a possible comeback from the 27-year-old have emerged.

Asked to give his opinion about these rumors, Kvyat admitted that pride would probably get in the way of a possible comeback with Alpha Tauri.

“I think he’s dying to give me a call,” Kvyat said with a laugh, talking about Helmut Marko.

“But I think this time, the pride might be in the way because already last time it was a bit like admitting the mistake, no?”

“My eyes are wide open, my ears also are open and to be honest I’m quite flexible.”

The Russian is currently operating as a test driver for Alpine and admitted still feeling very sharp behind the wheel of an F1 car after completing a testing session with the French team in Barcelona.

“For me, it’s almost like I race better after a holiday for me it’s actually good!”

“When I jumped in the car in Barcelona, I was thinking slightly how it would feel. But to be honest, it felt like I never really left the cockpit.”

“Physically, of course, Barcelona is tough on your neck, and of course you feel these things like it will take one or two days to adjust for that. But other than that, the feeling with the car, the set-up, the performance, and pushing the car to the limit, it’s always going to be in me.”

“So I definitely wouldn’t be worried about jumping in the car anytime, I’m confident. Free Practice 1, Free Practice 2, and I should already be at 95% of my ability and then Saturday, let’s say you squeeze the extra 5%. Then the race is just a matter of finding the rhythm.”

“So of course, I’m ready.”

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