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Glickenhaus glad with 30-hour Hypercar test

Glickenhaus testing their LMH Prototype at Aragon. Credits: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (twitter: @Glickenhaus).

As Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is set to enter the WEC’s Hypercar category on June 13th at Portimao, the American team just completed a 30-hour test at Aragon with one of their prototypes and say themselves happy about the session.

Glickenhaus will join Alpine and Toyota as the third championship contender in the newborn Hypercar category on June 13th in Portugal. The team first withdrew from Spa’s season opener as they were not fully ready and satisfied with their machine.

Glickenhaus had the final test for their new racing car prototype last week in Aragon with a 30-hour session which was intended to ensure the sustainability of the car on very long time periods but also cover as many racing situations as possible in order to be fully prepared for their final objective – the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

After covering more than 5000km in a single session, team founder Jim Glickenhaus could not hide his satisfaction with the car’s behavior and the range of situations the team could cover over the 30 hours with just one seemingly predictable issue to be noticed.

“By the time we finished, we had 10,000km on the car [since the assembly of the prototype], which is quite a lot. We did almost 5000km at Aragon, which included running through the night,” Glickenhaus told

“The car ran great, like a train.”

“We had one minor problem: an electrical connector broke as the result of vibration, but the whole wiring loom was over life, so it wasn’t surprising.”

“We did a lot of FCY tests and pulling the car into the garage and ripping stuff off the car to look for pretend problems.”

“It was all good: the crew was good, the motor ran flawlessly and the lights worked properly.”

After this conclusive test, Glickenhaus will then make an appearance at the start of the 24 Hours of Nurburgring this weekend before heading to Portugal on June 13th for their first official race in the new Hypercar category of the WEC.

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