Chase Elliott doesn’t feel a strong frustration for missing out on the victory of the Coca-Cola 600, saying Kyle Larson deserved the win as he was the best driver with the better car.

The Hendrick Motorsports driver tried his best to take the lead and victory of the 600-mile race at Charlotte this Sunday but failed to do so as his teammate Kyle Larson dominated all four stages. Elliott, however, compliments him, as he says he was the best driver in the race.

“He [Larson] definitely did a better job, for sure,” he told select media, including ASN Motorsports. “I thought he did the best job driving and being able to make pace, and not abuse his tires each run, so yeah, best driver, best car won tonight. There’s no doubt. I think, for us, we just look ahead and I’m excited for more opportunities.”

When asked if it was frustrating to miss out on the victory for the second time in a row, Elliott said “no, obviously I would love to win like anybody would, but we didn’t last year, we didn’t this year, and that’s how it is.” Elliott also turned down questions about his package complicating the passes on track, saying it’s always hard to make them, no matter the set-up.

When asked about how it feels to be part of Hendrick Motorsports as they achieve the record of most Cup Series victories, Elliott said he is “super proud” of everybody, and complimented Mr. Hendrick, saying he deserves to be on top for all the work he’s done in motorsports and all the lives he’s changed.

“I’m super proud of everybody, and I said this over the course of the last couple of weeks, Mr. Hendrick changed a lot of lives throughout the course of his career, and what he’s done for motorsports goes without being said. He changed my life, and for that, I feel like he deserves to be on top. I’m a little biased, but I feel like he does. He treats people with a lot of respect and integrity, and he just goes about his business like someone should.

“He’s a great role model to a lot of employees, not just for motorsports but also in the automotive group side of things, and there’s a reason he is a successful man not only in business but in life. He deserves to win, he deserves to be on top, and I’m glad to see him there.”

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