Toto Wolff thinks that the costs required for the drivers in junior categories need to be lowered.

It goes without saying that motorsports is one of the most expensive sports. A lot of financial resources are required for a young driver to step up the ranks and get to Formula 1 or any other major championship. The Mercedes team principal Wolff criticizes the concept and thinks that the costs should be lower to give more opportunities for the young drivers.

“What I think we can do is make sure that grassroots racing becomes more affordable, so kids that haven’t got any financial background can actually be successful in the junior formulas,” he said.

“All the big Formula 1 teams [need to be] able to identify those kids, rather than making it so expensive that a good go-karting season costs 250,000, an F4 season 500,000, and an F3 season 1 million.”

“That is totally absurd, [and] needs to stop, because we want to have access. I think we need to give access to kids that are interested in go-karting, the opportunity to race for much more affordable budgets.”

The Austrian also admits that despite different background of the drivers in various series, all their stories are interesting to observe.

“What makes the sport so attractive is that it provides narrative for good soap [opera] outside of the racing too. Drivers have always come from different backgrounds, and I think there is not always, everyone has his story, and things to cope. I doubt that kids from a more privileged background have it easy all the time. They are fighting their own demons,” he added.

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