Sunday was the big race day in Senegal for Extreme E, with teams Veloce Racing, JBXE, X44, and Rosberg X Racing advancing to the finals.

The first semi-final consisted of ABT Cupra, Rosberg X Racing and X44. Mattias Ekström was the first to enter the combination of corners. There was less dust kicked up, so Johan Kristoffersson was able to stay on the tail of Ekström. Then a small gap to Sebastian Loeb. Kristoffersson almost lost the rear and almost gave Loeb the chance to pass him, but the Swede was able to defend the second place. Ekström handed over first to Jutta Kleinschmidt, but the other cars were also already in the switch zone. Molly Taylor was the first to sit in the car. The ABT Cupra team stopped a few seconds longer in the switch zone. Kleinschmidt lost 5 seconds as a result. Taylor was thus ahead of Gutierrez and Kleinschmidt. The Australian crossed the line two seconds ahead of Gutierrez. Kleinschmidt caught up once again but ultimately finished third.

The teams in the second semi-final were Veloce Racing, Xite Energy, and JBXE. Oliver Bennett tried a Kristoffersson-style maneuver, but Jamie Chadwick was prepared and defended the position. Kevin Hansen won the start and was able to gain the lead. Bennett passed Chadwick on lap 1 and JBXE was the first team into the switch zone. After the driver change, there was a strong battle between Xite Energy and Veloce Racing with an aggressive maneuver by Stephane Sarrazin. He went next to Christine Giampaoli Zonca, so they went side by side through a gate, which resulted in a pass. Sarrazin had problems just a few corners later. In the process, Xite Energy and Veloce Racing made contact once again. Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky won the second semi-final. Sarrazin used his Hyperdrive on the home straight to finish ahead of Giampaoli Zonca. JBXE and Veloce Racing were thus in the final.

The times of the semi-finals:

Semi-final 1:

RankTeams/DriversTotal time
1Rosberg X Racing 11:05.029
3ABT Cupra XE 11:08.271

Semi-final 2:

RankTeams/DriversTotal time
1JBXE 11:24.263
2Veloce Racing 11:53.966
3Xite Energy Racing 12:07.504

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